The first thing that we do is called Ro-Sports. These are pixalated versions of popular sports all over the world from baseball to cricket. People who master these sports go on to make leauges outside of the SF and finally have a name for themselves. Others just play for the fun and have a great time trying to win a cup or something. We currently always want to expand our views and see how far current ROBLOX scripting can take us in this world.

The Members of the forum are the core to keep it living. Unlike other sections, this forum holds a strong bond that cannot be broken unless you're just a jerk to everyone out of the blue. We troll eachother and get into seirous debates called flamewars which results in bans flying everywhere. People who are accepted into the community are titled SFers and nothing else.

Currently there is a royal family started by Stairdude back in 2010. Currently, as he quit a long time ago, Princess mjo123 took over and had a gender change to become Lord of the SF. This is just a title however for fun but the real lord is zim347 since 123yonnd declined the crown.

                                                                   - Created by Ace the Faggot


Welcome to the SF wikia. We talk about ROBLOX's sports forum.

We praise Khalif Walrus and ball hard.

And on this 9th day of april, khalif has blessed us with his holy blubber.

And then it was on the 11th day of april that khalif reached out to his followers and parted the sea, committing a mass genocide on the whales whose blockade on the walrus oceans was slowly killing off the population. And so it was done, and Khalif and his people were no longer hindered by the whales.

Khalif Walrus guides us through thick and thinEdit

With his blubber and tusks.

He shines the way on victory.


Latest activityEdit

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